America’s West Coast: A Road Trip Itinerary

road trip along america's west coast

Road trips form the backbone of the American vacation. Time spent in the car with your family, driving along the open highway, while stopping to see the most astonishing places the country has to offer. Road trips are also known for mistaken routes, time spent bickering with travel companions (it’s unavoidable), and rushing to use […]

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Why I Love America: Moving Forward

beautiful world mural

Like millions of people around the world, I’ve been deeply affected by the recent U.S. elections. I have lived in various parts of the United States, and will visit my 30th and 31st states in the next two months. I’ve loved this country dearly and have learned a lot from the people, the different states, […]

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Have You Ever Traveled With Your Parents?

Artist Point

Have you ever traveled with your parents? I’m not talking about a family vacation where you have siblings or other relatives to distract you. I’m talking about you plus mom and dad where all of their attention is you. In 2009, I went to Yellowstone National Park for one week with both of my parents. […]

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