Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 is finally coming to an end. Time flies when you’re having fun, but even faster when you’re busy. There isn’t much to sum up about this blog because, let’s face it, it hasn’t been around for very long. However, launching Little Blue Earth has had its good and bad moments. Like all things, it’s […]

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I Love You, New York

I was born in New York, but spent my childhood and post-college adulthood living in South Florida. However, I could never shake the feeling that New York was my true home. My brother and sister both currently work in Manhattan, and I still have family who live in Queens and Brooklyn. Whenever I return, I […]

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A Quick Thank You

coral bay beer

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and families to come together. We share meals, laugh together, and make beautiful memories. For some people, coming together in person isn’t always possible. Thousands of miles lay between loved ones, leaving months or years until they see each other again. Lucky for us in the 21st century, we […]

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Flight Canceled: Keep Calm

flight to yellowstone

Flight Canceled It was a cold January afternoon in Madrid. I had just arrived at the airport with my two friends, Maria and Janice, ready to jet off to southern France where we were going to spend three days exploring all the region had to offer. Feeling excited and fulfilled from a wonderful visit to […]

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Balancing Travel and a Full-Time Job

key west sunset

After speaking with a group of friends and throwing ideas around, one of the hot topics was balancing travel and a full-time job. I’ve read about this topic on multiple travel blogs, but any advice is helpful. As I’ve already mentioned in earlier posts and in my introduction, I work as a physical therapist in […]

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Why I Love America: Moving Forward

beautiful world mural

Like millions of people around the world, I’ve been deeply affected by the recent U.S. elections. I have lived in various parts of the United States, and will visit my 30th and 31st states in the next two months. I’ve loved this country dearly and have learned a lot from the people, the different states, […]

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Honeymoon in Paris: Romance and Mishaps

honeymoon in paris

French culture, french films, french cuisine. The people of France always manage to leave the rest of the world in a state of awe, and even a bit of envy, at their love for life. France’s own sordid history, which left the country reeling from decades of conflicts, has led to the establishment of the […]

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Bathing Under Waterfalls in Baños

cascada in Baños

After my lovely stranger ensured my safe arrival to Baños, I realized that I’d been dropped off three blocks from the bus station. There was no other option except to trudge up the street with my bags in tow. I finally found my cousin towering above the crowd of people when I arrived at the […]

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