Honeymoon in Paris: Romance and Mishaps

honeymoon in paris

French culture, french films, french cuisine. The people of France always manage to leave the rest of the world in a state of awe, and even a bit of envy, at their love for life. France’s own sordid history, which left the country reeling from decades of conflicts, has led to the establishment of the […]

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Bathing Under Waterfalls in Baños

cascada in Baños

After my lovely stranger ensured my safe arrival to Baños, I realized that I’d been dropped off three blocks from the bus station. There was no other option except to trudge up the street with my bags in tow. I finally found my cousin towering above the crowd of people when I arrived at the […]

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Have You Ever Traveled With Your Parents?

Artist Point

Have you ever traveled with your parents? I’m not talking about a family vacation where you have siblings or other relatives to distract you. I’m talking about you plus mom and dad where all of their attention is you. In 2009, I went to Yellowstone National Park for one week with both of my parents. […]

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