America’s West Coast: A Road Trip Itinerary

road trip along america's west coast

Road trips form the backbone of the American vacation. Time spent in the car with your family, driving along the open highway, while stopping to see the most astonishing places the country has to offer. Road trips are also known for mistaken routes, time spent bickering with travel companions (it’s unavoidable), and rushing to use […]

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Two Newlyweds Try Hiking Up Camel’s Hump…

newlyweds at the top of camel's hump

“I gotta walk up that?” Leon complained as he stared up at the mountain we were about to ascend.  We were newlyweds and had just arrived in Burlington, Vermont in the summertime. Riding the jet streams of a wild and sensational wedding, we arrived feeling a combination of elation and exhaustion. We had planned a […]

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The Travel Adventures of Yin and Yang

me and leon in kalbarri

The first of “Your Stories”, this is written by Leon B., a.k.a. Mr. Little Blue Earth. The two of us are like yin and yang, complete opposites that complement each other perfectly. In this story, you’ll all be pleased to find out how much I drive Leon crazy during our travels. Here are just a couple […]

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A Few Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

ziplining in ecuador

Travel has taught me many lessons over the years. I’ve come out of my shell, seen places I never thought I’d visit, and met people who have shown me how to embrace the unfamiliar. However, I’m not a full-time traveler. In fact, I work a full-time job like everyone else in a very special field: […]

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